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Disinfect Your Business or Property

If you’re serious about disinfecting and protecting your business or home from harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi, then you will appreciate our disinfect and protect service. Our patented technology was originally employed to disinfect medical buildings. For 15 years+ Pure Maintenance has been making thousands of homes and businesses safe again.

Customer testimonials

The thoughts of some of our satisfied customers

“When my kitchen flooded, I didn't know what to do. Pure Maintenance did an amazing job of getting all of the water dried, so the rest of my home was not affected.”

Brian Gordon

“Hail damage to our roof caused it to start leaking. Pure Maintenance patched my roof so I was able to file a claim and have it repaired the following week.”

Brittany Cunningham

“A pipe burst during the night flooding our bathroom and the bedroom next to it. We called Pure Maintenance and they got it all dried out in time for the insurance adjuster to inspect the next day!”

Kyle Smith

“A flood in our area caused a lot of damage to the bottom story of our home. Pure Maintenance brought in their equipment and got it dried out so the insurance adjuster could do his inspection. ”

Jessica Murphy

“The repairs could not start on my house till all the water was dry. These guys really helped me out!”

Jacob Jackson

Dr Daniel Pompa is a respected leader in the health and wellness space and Mike Adams is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pure Maintenance.
Hear the stories of some of our satisfied customers and how our patented dry fog technology was able to resolve their mold problem and protect their health.

Comprehensive Service

We use our innovative, patented fogger to deploy our sterilant, InstaPURE, into your home, building or workplace. It is designed to fill the entire volume of a room using positive air pressure, ensuring total coverage. Our sterilant is EPA-registered to kill Anthrax, CDIFF, MRSA, Ring Worm, Flu Virus, Hand Foot & Mouth, Human Coronavirus, H1N1, and more.

100% Safe


Our sterilant is EPA-registered and was originally used to sterilise hospitals. Within an hour of completing our disinfection process, it is safe to re-enter the building. Our method doesn’t make anything wet or leave any residue. We use it in residential homes daily and the Pure Maintenance process is tried, tested and trusted across the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

minimal disruption

Quick & Efficient

While disinfecting more than twice the surface area as competing methods - in the same time - our proprietary dry fog process is also efficient, allowing you to quickly get back to living and working safely again. This means minimal disruption if you're a business whilst offering peace of mind to customers and staff.

Proud To Serve Houston

If you have a mold issue in your home or business that needs resolving, or have suffered a leak, flood or water damage, then we're here to help. Pure Maintenance H-Town are proud to serve the Harris County and Montgomery County areas. Simply hit the relevant button below to call us or request a quote and we'll be in touch ASAP.